Build Interactive Product Demos

Add interactive snippets of your product to your website, blog, or social media so customers can try before they buy

See how you can create a Demoz

This is what you get from Demoz and you can share it or embed it on your website!

Use Demoz Everywhere!

Here are some ways Demoz can elevate your homepage, social feeds and beyond

make interactive product demos

Embed it!

Instead of a demo video, embed a Demoz and learn what your customers want - and why.

Better Homepage Demos

Use demoz on your website homepage

Add to changelogs or blog posts

For every new feature release, show how it works and boost adoption

share your interactive product demo in a tweet

Tweet a Demoz

Post an interactive version of your demoz right in a tweet.

generate interactive product tours

Create Demoz on the fly

If a customer has a one-off question, you can build a Demoz on the fly just for them.


Product tagging

Use demoz on your eCommerce website and tag different product links on a single slide.

Better Discovery

Tag related products in a single photo like instagram

Share or embed

You can share the direct link or embed it in your shop website

interactive product taggig like instagram

Capture Your Demos With Our Browser Extension

With our browser extension capture your product flow and click

How it works?

You can create a demoz in 3 simple steps


Capture the flow

Capture your product demo in a few clicks straight from your browser with our amazing browser extension, or add your screenshots manually.

capture your product with chrome extension - demoz
add your product tour guides

Add Guides

Add your hotspots and CTA to the steps, so you can tell the story of your product. Focus on specific features or use cases.


Publish and Share

Share your Demoz link, Tweet it or embed the demo on your homepage, changelogs, landing pages and...

share your interactive product demo

See, itโ€™s that simple! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Who should use Demoz?

Everyone can easily stitch together images and tooltips to create demos that turn leads into customers

Sales Teams

Tailor your sales demos for each lead and let them try your product at any stage of the sales process!

Marketing Teams

Your product deserves to be shown! Integrate an interactive product demo on your homepage.

Customer Success Teams

Skyrocket your customer onboarding with personalized walkthroughs, interactive tutorials and training materials.

eCommerce Websites

With product tagging feature, you can offer a set of products to your customers just like instagram, and embed it in your online shop!

Be Creative!

Feel free to use demoz and the flow generator in any creative ways and let us know about it.

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